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Default Re: Official hopper thread!

Originally Posted by MVS1
How do you like the speed cap I was thinking about picking one up.

They are the best i swear. Did not let me down once. I was planing on buying a regular white speedfeed, but honeslty after you use this your never want to use anything else. No tapeing the speedfeed or anything just snaps on, It is low profile. I only lost 1 ball turning my gun upside down and shakeing the hell out of it. That was out of about 10 times doing it. Video is what sold me on it. Here is the video and I tell you it works just as good as shown in the video.

BTW you were soo right about the bounce cap I freakin love it. I have been wanting one sense you first got yours, but was unsure untill I talked to you.
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