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Default Re: Purcell Oklahoma torney

I'd be interested to see if it happens, and to the extent they are saying. Seems ballers in OK can't get together at any particular field at any particular time for any particular reason. Too much attitude. And without the teams showing up, people around the state won't play because there's not going to be a decent payout or prizes, unfortunately.

I really hope it does happen - Oklahoma paintball needs this to happen, but in light of the recent OKCCC tournament (didn't happen), the State Fair Tourney (also didn't happen), the KOPS series (now defunct, if I heard correctly) and the myriad of other BIG tournaments in Oklahoma that didn't happen because players/teams don't like the other people playing in it, or the field owner, or whatever excuse...well, I just hope it happens.

Sorry for the negative posting so early in the morning......
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