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Default Re: Why You May Want to Use CO2 Instead of HPA

Originally Posted by poker_jake85 View Post
HPA Rocks, no freezing internals, no broken o-rings, less mantainence.
Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post

The fact is that as long as you use an anti-siphon tank (and orient it correctly), use a regulator and do not do moronic things like fire 30 shots with the marker upside down. You are not going to get liquid in your marker. Even if a little liquid gets into the anti-siphon tube it will boil off before getting to the reg for the most parts. If not, it’ll boil off within the reg or at the regulator output where pressure is 140~400 psi on most higher end guns. The chances of you getting an incompressible liquid slug into the solenoids is practically zero. Even if you shoot 5 or 6 shots sideways or upside down, it is not going to happen. You have to literally dump two or three dozen shots while drawing liquid to screw up.

Another concern is whether the marker – or rather its lubricants – will function as CO2 chills down. Well, if you marker uses Dow 33 grease or a proper marker oil like KC Oil, it will. It will because these lubricants will work way below 0 degree F and at that point you’ll run out of working pressure before you run the lubes solid!
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