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I think the major problem with Ubuntu is rather than innovating, they're re-creating. Unity is a blatant ripoff of Finder and they did a terrible job of it.

I completely agree on Linux being more friendly to the power-user in a lot of ways. I so much prefer BASH to DOS and the fact that I can have a web server or anything for that matter running in a matter of seconds via a package repository. I am a huge Linux fan, and would love to see it flourish. However, as much as I enjoy it, it is just too aggravating to USE it on a daily basis. It's little things that lead to big problems: Evolution lacks true Exchange support, Flash can be buggy (I wish Flash would die in a fire, but for now it's necessary), and as I said earlier..updates can blow other things up.

I'd be curious to hear what your dozen tasks that you can't do in Windows or OS X are, particularly OS X since it's *nix based, but I have a feeling you're going to be talking about some pretty fringe stuff like Google App engine or something like that. I don't feel that should be part of the discussion, as that's really something that doesn't affect the vast majority of users.

KDE is a nice desktop environment, but I've always found it to be far too bloated for what I really need. It's essentially trying to be Windows, and I don't want that. I don't want Linux to be OS X or Windows. I completely understand and agree that it's not fair to compare OS X to Linux, but it's really the same as comparing iOS to Android. You're paying for the polish. To some that's not important, and to some it is. To me, it's important but it's not important enough to justify the cost difference. I only have a Macbook Air because my job pays for whatever computer I want. There's a reason my personal computer is built from scratch, and that's because I refuse to pay a substantially higher price for a brand name and an hour's worth of work in putting the system together.

I think we mostly agree, but I think you're still in a place I was probably 4 years ago. I've been a sys admin for 3 years now, so having a stable, polished system to come home to is rather important to me. I don't want to be solving the same problems at home that I have to deal with at work.

It's funny you mention Fedora and GNOME3 being polished. I have been meaning to try them in VirtualBox, but keep forgetting. Going to do that now.
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