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Originally Posted by my_kayotic1
I have an older Spyder marker, the Elite model. I want to upgrade it with an
expansion chamberno no...get a Regulator-CP or Torp,
new boltISP (PM Eaglelox) bolt or Aluminum ACS,
regulator already saidand a drop forwardCP or 32* are decent. I'm looking to drop around $300 into this marker. I already have a dye barrel attached, just looking for more performance enhancing accessories. If anyone can help, let me know. Thanks.
Valve...AKA Tornado, Rocket or Magnaport
Striker Spring Kit...32*
ISP Nightstriker (Eaglelox)
Sweetspot trigger
50 gram microswitch
TBoard w/ breakbeam eyes
Classic Intimidator eye covers
Antisiphon tube for CO2 or
HPA bottle (High Pressure Air, also called N2)

The difference between an expansion chamber and a regulator is:

XChamber - used for CO2 - it allows the liquid co2 to change into a gas before it reaches your bolt...until you shoot fast. Doesn't work to well with HPA.

Regulator - CP and Torp are CO2 friendly and regulates the gas to the bolt...better for you and your marker
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