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Originally Posted by joserod1 View Post
My spyder mr1 has a pronblem also. i need help. wen i shoot my spyder the balls dint have velocity only went for 2 inches n wen i shoot it it smelled like it was burning from the inside. the bolt was smelling bad. like burning. idk wat to do. help!?
Oldiron is correct, if it is smelling like that you need new orings on ALL the moving parts i would say to be safe, and it news some oil BADLY, remember not to over oil it as that can cause issues as well, lastly if your marker is doing that, its probly killing that little rubber detent as well right now so i woudl replace that as well. other then that yes take it COMPLETLY appart, FOLLOW THE MANUAL, and clean it throughly, squeegies, microfibers, a little water, my policy when im cleaning my markers ir make it look as close as i can to how it looked comming out of the box.
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