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Cool N'Vasion Paintball's '06 Halloween Blast!

Well I reffed one of the silliest days of paintball I've seen at our field in ages. We had a Halloween free entry and costume party. There were trophies given to the best costume, along with sweet prizes. Some of the costumes were pretty sick. Others were... well... does noob fatigue count as a costume?

I took some pics. (No I didnt get a video of the penquin playing... it was a funny sight though)

The Penquin (he won the contest as far as I know)

Couple of fellow reffs... Hobos maybe?

We put dry ice in our bunker whiping buckets...

Free entry = crouded. (Sorry, friend made me laugh when I was taking the pic )

Not everyone was in the spirit... Unless those were experienced players in noob outfits? Maybe noobs in actual paintball fatigues? Eh...

All and all, it was a fun night. Do any of your local fields do stuff like this?

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