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Default Re: End of an Era Sale, part un

Next: My Spyder Pump. I love this gun. It's the sexiest homemade Spyder pump I've ever seen if I say so myself. I built this from a Spyder Sonix I paid WAY too much for. Did all the dremel work myself and installed it. Has a PMP pump kit, modified valve pin, modified valve, cut striker (all done by me.) Comes with Dye Chrome Single Trigger frame (rare) with blue grips from Dark Seoul, CP chrome gas thru foregrip, chrome unimount ASA, chrome Freak back (no front or inserts - sorry) and blue macroline from Hobby Horse.

The bad - In the interest of being completely transparent, there are just a few tiny scratches from the work I did on the body. Not really noticeable and nothing a blue sharpie can't take care of. The detent cover is cracked (these old style covers had a bad habit of doing that, but it's just a 5 dollar fix. I'd recommend chrome to replace it.) Also, I never got this gun to shoot above 250 fps. It can be done - just some tweaking, so it'll take a tiny bit of work to get it there - I just gave up on it because I got busy.

Price - would like $150 but will entertain offers.

Here are links to a video of the gun, as well as how I made it.

How I made it -

video -
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