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Angry CO2 hurts

Well there i was just sittin on my floor. i was putting my TL+ together due to the fact that some punks were walkin around my apartment complex lookin for trouble. i thought, since i dont have a REAL gun, id light them up with paint if the got near my cars (there is a history of slashed tires around here). i knew my tank had a dent in the threads but did not worry about it. i screwed it in and the darn o ring ripped. CO2 came spewing out of the bottom vent hole of my ASA and right at my face. i reacted by placing my hand over the hole to block my face while i unscrewed my tank. well now i have a dime sized bruise/ burn on my left hand. and it hurts!!!!! Lesson learned, i bought a new 24oz tank from walmart. now to fill it up!!!
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