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Default Up'd Kingman VS3 (drop and board included)

Wats up all, i'm sellin my vs3 as featured in my youtube series of videos (see pballer459 channel on youtube). Its a real up'd vs3 including:
-CP Micro Razor Drop Forward (custom fit for the VS3 stock ASA)
-Scenario Dreams T-board and Eyes
-Dye Membrane Pad
-Blue Body Kit
-New Valve Spring (needs tuned up a little bit)
-New Macro line and fittings and o-rings that are 2 weeks old

This gun shoots incredible, on ramping i've had it to 18bps but then i have some re-cocking issues past that with the stock valve spring. The techs at kingman hooked me up with a stiffer valve spring so it should be able to reach 20-24bps easy if you tune it up right (I've only dry fired using the new valve spring).

I will include the following with the gun:
-Stock Board
-Stock Eyes
-Black Body Kit (has small scratches on striker plug)
-Stock Valve Spring
-Board Manual (printed from offline)
-receipts so you can get free software upgrade for the board
-9.6v rechargeable battery with charger (gun also runs on 9 volt)

I'm selling the gun cause my teams playing in some tournaments which dont allow rocking trigger but dont worry, many tournaments still allow rocking trigger like the CFOA and PBC 3-man and many others that I've played in with this gun. I'm lookin for about 250$ OBO, no lowballs please, no trades either
Blue Body Kit
Scenario Dreams T-Board
CP Razor Drop Forward (Custom Fitted)
New Macro and Straight Fitting
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