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Arrow Re: oldironmudder's Feedback

Mine maybe not so positive....

I got a 4oz tank from him. Great communication on the sale. The tank was well wrapped. So well wrapped it took me about 5 minutes to get to the tank lol. I got the tank and it was rusted, the top portion of the tank looked discolored as though it was heated with a torch and there was a indentation in the top of the valve face. Prior to him sending it I asked about condition, he mentioned some chipped paint and that's it. I asked him to wrap the valve so the top wouldn't get dented during mailing. He didn't mention the valve already had a dent in it. He did offer to send me another tank valve but with the appearance of the heated bottle, I wasn't taking the chance of filling the bottle. He may not have realized that heating weakens the metal and can cause the bottle to explode upon filling it. Hopefully he just throws it away rather than possibly picking shrapnel out of his face -

Essentially he lost the cash it cost him to send it to me and I lost $7 having to send it back to him..........
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