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Default Re: New gun.. what should I get?

I always liked cockers the best for mech guns, plus they can easily be converted to electro or pump.

Blazers work just like cockers but have there parts are built into the gun instead of setting up front.

Cockers are really very simple once you learn what does what, as a plus there very reliable. I had a cocker setting in my bag for over a year, pulled it out did nothing to it minus put on a tank and hopper and it was shooting 285 +/-4

As for getting something new, if you have enough cash paintballgateway as brand new raw bodies and compulsivepaintball still stocks the full line of belsales parts (the best). A couple years ago I built a freeflow lotus from scratch and ended up around the 500 mark, sold it a year later for no loss, I think I actually made money.

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