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Default My electra hates me????

I got an 05 electra, and I've noticed that I can't get much field time out with it, I'm always ending up playing with my tippmann b/c my electra always messes up.
Ok, so here is my setup
05' Electra
CP 14 inch barrel
Halo B hopper
20oz Tank

Ok, so I get out there, its around 50-60F usually when I go, not real warm. I always end up chopping so much, like seriously every ball I shoot out of my electra chops it up, sprays, and then i find all my gun/hopper with broken paintballs. Just wondering what you guys would think is wrong I've tried multiple different kinds of paint. I do have the ACS since it comes standard.
I'm thinking its either bad paint (need winter grade) or maybe its the co2? Im not sure, any help is appreciated.
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