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Default Hoppers

I did some searching but found nothing that answered this

Ok im gonna buy a new hopper, Its between these (posted are also The prices in South african Rand)
Spyder Fasta 18v LED (30bps??? Is it True?) R900
VLocity Junior (20 BPS) R750
Eggy 3 (23BPS) R900
ReVLution Eye Force (20bps) R700

The Fasta looks like its going to win with the 30BPS. But is that true.

Also i see that that the racetrack leading to the marker is like an s shape and not straight with a drop into the marker.

Does this give make it feed less.

Is it durable.

Does it have eyes

thanks for the help
Spyder Pilot ACS
12oz CO2 (soon to be 48ci/3000psi tank)
Gravity Hopper (soon to be VL VLocity Jnr)
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