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A bit belated I know, but I wanted to share my thoughts...

I have just gotten my MR-1 back together and have been able to drop the operating pressure down into the 250-275psi range by just polishing the bolt and striker, removing the venturi from the stock bolt and adding a Palmers Direct Stab to actually drop the pressure down.

As far as high pressure and low pressure bottles, I would recommend the high pressure bottle just to cover the bases...If you put a secondary regulator on there (which is a good idea anyway since most HPA bottles have fixed regs), or have one already, you can drop it to what you need and double regging keeps things that much more consistant...

Otters site always said that when regulating for every 75psi worth of pressure drop you had in the tank going into the reg you would typically see a 1psi increase in the output pressure of the reg...
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