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Default Re: New Intimidator Ram: NecroRam

Originally Posted by FredPo View Post
Yeah, it appears it offers a very minimal performance enhancement over the eigenram but my next ram will most likely be the necroram.

Yup, that's exactly what I've been saying. If you're satisfied, don't bother, don't go through the retuning the marker. If you haven't bought and tuned your marker into an Eigenram set-up, it is definitely a good alternative.

Originally Posted by xsvly-fat View Post
Have you used the Eigenrams? If so how does the NecroRam compare?
Yes, I used an Eigenram for a while. I moved to the Necroram, and I can say that it is definitely a positive difference. If you're looking to buy one or the other, I'd say the NecroRam would be the better choice simply because it did have better performance.
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