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Look in your phone book under metal finishers, find out if they do aluminum (annodizing). You would have to dissassemble the marker yourself. They usually charge per patch so if you know anyone else that wants to get somethings annodized the same color you could split the cost. Since you are some one off the street and not a business they might just include it with another patch, if not it could cost you $75 or more a batch. If they charge you full cost find out what colors they do if your end up paying close to a$100 for it might as well have the only red vs2 at your field. I lucked out and was able to get my vs2 black anno'd for only 25 bucks I think they mixed it with someone else's stuff. There are probably afew metal finishers hurting for work because of the economy that may end up wanting to post in paintball forums to deversify there business.
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