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Default Jan/Feb Spyder Of The Month Voting

1. Custom VS spyder

CCM feedneck, ACPstriker with 2 o-rings, Slim striker, AKA valve, Shocktech LPC, Trinity Vertical adapter, Palmers stabilizer, Hybrid 1/4" turn ASA, Sundragon magno-trigger, Tadao VS board, Tadao M7 Chip (upgrade for the board)I did the custom work, Halback and polished body, Triger guard has been thined out and channeled then re-powdercoated

2. Spyder Electra:

milled body, CCM feedneck, APM Tigershark bolt, Freak back w/14" AA tip, CIP Assault Block, 1200 psi Aschroft gauge, BL Torpedo reg, 32* Magnaport valve, ESP frame, SPPS Magnotrigger, AutoAesthetics solid pewter Spyder grips

3. MR2 W/eye

custom derlin battle shroud, CNL guarder short and long rail kits, BT barrel shroud, Custom fake supressor, Virtue board W/laser eyes, G36 riser rail, AR15 scope mount, Walther red dot sight, SAW stock, ACP 2 oring bolt, Rail covers, EGL 47 grenade launcher, Trinity AK chamber.

4. Shotty MR1

ACS Bolt, Custom made Handguard, Custom made Stock

5. Spyder AMG LCD

T-Board VerA, Sunbear bolt, NDZ Twist-Lock feedneck, and modified stock trigger

6. Spyder SE

AKA Lightning Bolt, AKA Tornado Valve, 32* Spring Kit, Original dyes sticky grips, Shorted and lightened trigger springs, Field strip screw kit


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