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Default Re: action pics of me :)

i know i hold my gun ghey but thats how ive gotten to shoot faster so now its uncomfy to shoot anyother way :-/.

here are the pics of my nephew today....

hes only 8 but he was doing really good, shot 2 people out his first game ever.

lucas with his pimped alias.

i went snake to see if he would bunker me :P.

his second time he got shot he got hit about 3 times, if it had been one more on him i would ripped what was left in my hopper on the guy then gone home pisst

most of the day wed play by ourselves but every now and then my buddy lucas and i would play a 2 on one and one ball it haha. lucas handed travis "my nephew" his alias and the lil bugger shot me in the hopper. haha it was fun

i let him rip on the promaster and one day hes gonna be an agg baller
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