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Default Re: Grillz and Gauging banned in TX.

Anyone who says "schools aren't made to teach modesty" obviously lives under a rock. Public school has to conform to standards that allow kids to learn..and not have distractions such as girls dressing in provocative clothing among other things. If so much as one kid is distracted by gauging or grillz then they have to get rid of them. I for one see no reason why you'd want either one other than to look different than every one else and to be a rebel because you know older people don't approve of them. For that reason, I also believe that adults and authority figures should have the right to prevent you from doing this. I see nothing wrong with a school banning something that they deem against their rules. If you don't like that, find a different school. But I can assure you if you think public school is bad, try private school. You show up to a private school with abunch of junk on your body and I promise you a stern warning isn't all you would get.

Then there's the racial matter..I don't care who you are or where you're from, there's always going to be certain people who dress certain ways and do certain things..and you can't NOT stereotype them..

As far as spankings, I'm a strong supporter of them. If I hadn't been spanked as a child I can tell you for sure I'd probably be alot different. When a young child does something wrong he needs to remember what the reprecussions for doing that certain thing were. If he did something that he had repeatedly been asked not to do, and he got a spanking, I guarantee he'll remember that spanking and not do it again..but if the parent just yells, of course he's going to do it again..
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