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yeah i wasnt too checked out on the warrior feedneck either. oh btw a lapco feedneck with holes wont fit the pilot. i dont know why but it said that on actionvillage. this is with holes "This version has holes and fits the E-99, E-99 Avant, Victor, Victor 2, Electra, Electra DX, Old style Imagine, Exprit, Agressor, Agressor XT, AMG, and any others with similiar mounting."
without holes "This version has tabs, not holes and will fit the Pilot, Fenix, Nexion, Rodeo, XTra, Fenix ACS, Primal, Pilot ACS, Electra, TL-R, Sonix, New style Imagine, TL-X, Flash, Flash Classic, EM1, New style Electra ACS (Rockin Frame), New style Pilot ACS, and any others with similiar mounting.''

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