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Default Re: DRAGON's Fasta review.........

there is a review on pbreview that says this
"Ok just got this thing Friday ordered it the day it popped up on ebay and had it shipped overnight cuz i was having trouble with my halo keeping up with virtue board in PSP mode and i didnt wanna get a victory board for the hopper so i thought i would give Spyder another chance. When i got the hopper i wasnt thrilled with the look of of, it looked like... well... a spyder product, the screen was o.k. but kinda hard to press buttons with gloves on. I popped battery into hopper and gassed the gun up. It had no trouble keeping up with the virtue board. So saturday i went to PB country ( you can visit their site and played. everything was going great then i slide into the 40 standup can and i TAPPED it on the ground coming in the hopper stopped feeding. I called myself out went back , replaced battery still nothing, aparently wiring came loose on the feeder and now i have to get it replaced"
the breakign part concerns me a litttle but if it was a wire breaking off that is just a bad solder joint and could happen even with a halo.
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