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Default Re: DRAGON's Fasta review.........

Well did not get to the field today. It's just too close to Christmas and I have a ton of things to do. I did take some time today to do a drop test. I did not use a chronograph to do the time study. I was actually wondering what I was going to use to count the seconds and low and behold, the game timer counts seconds so I used that, how convenient -

I took 5 - 10 rd paintball tubes and banded them together then scooped the balls from the bag using that to count them. I used 200 balls at a time and there was plenty of room left for more balls in the hopper which I will touch on later -

My test results when using 200 balls were:

1) 8 seconds 25bps
2) 8 seconds 25bps
3) 7 seconds 28.57bps
4) 8 seconds 25bps
5) 7 seconds 28.57bps

So the average bps(1000 balls divided by 38 seconds) I got from the drop test was 26.315 balls per 1 second. Seems it could have been a little better because there were sporadic hesitations in the rhythm of the balls leaving the hopper. It may have done better if there was a constant back pressure on the stack with this tab sensor system, dunno -

In addition, I tried to see how many balls fit in the hopper at one time with the balls all the way to the end of the feedneck. I use RPS Ultra Evils. Lets just say for my comfort zone, which is leaving the balls a little loose in the hopper, 220 fit comfortably. I could have put more in it but I have had probs jamming hoppers to the max. It sometimes binds up the impeller and if your hopper goes gaga in the middle of a heavy confrontation, at times it can render you SOL -

Well that's it till I can get this thing on the field or a place where the cops won't be wanting to take one of my babies away. I plan to try this hopper with my Imp in 3 or 6 shot mode or full auto. I can set it to 30bps max though I don't like to use those settings. For a short test I don't think it'll be a prob -
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