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Default Re: I absolutely cannot decide

My vote is Etek All the way, I have shot one and I have shot MANY Ego's (05 and 06) and DM's and PM's (04-07).. I will tell you that Etek shoots right up there with them, if not better..

Originally Posted by thechubbss12
i dunno.... are you sure about the etek?... because by the time you had the money the Ego6 will be around the $700-$750 price range used...
I thought this was an interesting comment.. Yeah, 06 Ego's will be at the 750 range, but think what the Etek's will be.... Even lower..

I say find yourself an Etek.. They are great markers.. I have a close friend that has had one since the day they came out.. He hasn't had a lick of trouble with it..

You know my vote, if you have any questions about them, just ask me by PM..

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