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Default Re: DRAGON's Fasta review.........

Originally Posted by Kittenkiller
I'm no marketing major, but if I have an Ubercool product, then I'm gonna market it under my name first, not just contract-manufacture out to another company without making one with my own label on said product.
It is possible that Kingman had a larger marketing capability at the time of manufacturer, or that Kingman found they could make some adjustments to the design, have it manufacturered for less by them since they already manufacture similar ones to save production costs and keep the price for the Fasta down. Good for both companies at that point really.

I am not a marketing major at all, but unfortunately I work at a company where I work with the marketing guys, the overseas source guys, well, pretty much everyone including the ceo on an almost daily basis and understand the principles of saving .10 per piece, multiplied by 250,000 pieces - that's $25,000 saved right there.
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