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Default PSI Nitro Fill Station

I bought the fill station a few months ago from Action Village, it appears to be identical to the Java unit. I just recently got the scuba tank, an early Christmas gift. I've filled a 45/4500 and 68/4500 from empty so far. My scuba tank is only a 3000psi so I only got up to 2600 and 2500 on the two fills.

On to the review part; I've only just begun to use the fill station but so far it's easy to use and very convenient. You attach the yoke to the scuba tank with a set screw, then make sure the bleed valve is closed. Plug your marker tank on to the quick connect coupling and open the scuba tank valve. When the filling sound stops, close the scuba valve. Crack open the bleeder on the fill station yoke to de-pressurize and then remove the marker tank.
I'll edit this review in a few months to let everyone know how it's reliability holds up.;sid=h2sSYlL9kx8S8hd5ARvSylg0uP0Gaou3zyM=?Pro ductID=EhesFAY7jiwAAAD42KvkrFs5

It's a pretty big investment, $40 for the fill station and $170 for the 80cu. ft. scuba tank. If you plan on running N2 and playing at outlaw fields, or where there are no refills available, this is a great way to extend your playing time!
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