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I made one of these threads on the old KUSA forums and thought it'd be a good idea to have one here as well. Posts here could warn other members of those sellers that come here to make sales or trades under negative pretenses. Sometimes feedback can get buried amongst the abundance of threads here. Intentionally fibbing about condition, performance, hydro dates, whatever is frowned upon. Taking an excessively long period of time to take care of your end of a deal is frowned upon as well. Not getting a product or funds are punishable under law as you can view in Otter's sticky here: please try to resolve any differences first before posting anything here. This is not a flame thread so please don't treat it as such. Do not post any spam comments here either if you're not directly involved in an incident. Hopefully there will be minimal entries here because we like to think that all of our members are buying and trading with a positive integrity -
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