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Default I absolutely cannot decide

By summer I plan to have enough money to replace my vs when my time gets back into local tournies

In order to save for a highend marker when I get a job my dad wants me to set up a fund were half the money goes to my bank account. This means I have to know what marker /ups I want. I have looked everywhere but I can't decide between these two.

Olive pm6 with ul (can get for around $800 prolly drop in price cuz of pm7s) or Olive etek around ($725-750) The cheaper price doesn't sway me. I like how both look I've shot and liked both about equally and I never minded doing maintaince other wise I couldn't play trumpet.

You guys have to help me decide I looked at every comparison I could find. No neither of those colors are at my local shop.

Don't anyone tell me to up my vs (don't worry I ma keep it for back up) or get a rail. To me the etek and pm6 just destroy those after shooting them even the pm6 without ultralight frame.

Leaning toward pm6 slightly because I think it's American While egos are from the UK (want to stimulate U.S. economy) If you guys think that ego 06's will be $700-$800 used in the summer then vote for etek please
edit#2 def getting ul frame first

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