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Default Re: How do you like your eggs?

Originally Posted by Sandman_Bravo
.......... I voted for Benedict (at a diner) because it's my favorite, but you can't eat that a lot since it's so rich..........
I'm familiar with them due to a position in the kitchen at one of the Hyatt Regency's in Michigan. I worked the graveyard shift and we ate all of the best of everything. Crab claws in butta and broiled filet steak most every night. At the top was a revolving dining room and they had this slurpee machine filled with alcoholic drinks with a fruit base. My fav was the bananna they called, Cabanna Bananna. Come morning, the morning cooks started room service and eggs Benedict was a fav. I was a bit younger then and could eat all this type of stuff with no worry. If I ate like that now I'd surely blimp out like the Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man lol -
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