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Default Re: Store Links and Reviews #2

Adding this for "Gregg" - found here....

Adding a "+" for "Customer Service".....druid

Have to post and give a wonderful review for Sundragon. First time I ever ordered from them service is outstanding. I ordered a quick disconnect among other things; received the order but it was packed wrong. I received the wrong part instead of the disconnect. After checking to see if I made the mistake and ordered the wrong part, I sent an email. This is the response:

Hello Gregg,

They did what?!!! Heads will roll! Who doesn't get their raise this

All Joking aside, no problem. Just keep the metric adapter and we'll send
the quick disconnect as soon as possible. Sorry for the mishap and thanks
for your understanding.

Best Regards,

SPPS Customer Services >:=8

The best part was that they have a sense of humor. I will definitely use them again in the future if I can.
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