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Default Re: My experiences with vs2 and how to fix everything so far

Originally Posted by Theheroguy
1. Oil everything that moves (except the bolt I have never had to oil the delrin bolt) with 3 in 1 or any brand paintball oil I have used goldcup and even the extreme rage oil has worked for me with my vs.

2. Turn the on/off all the way. Gosh I don’t know how many times people have asked me what is wrong and they haven’t done that.

3. Clean your vs internal everything especially the body lots of people I know with the vs neglect this.

4. If your vs is not firing Gosh I really hate these two but check to see if eyes are on and no paint is in the marker. When the vs is uncocked the bolt will allow the solenoid to click because its eyes think it is a paintball. Now Number 2 your trigger is probably to close or too far away from the frame. “What Alfred it can be too close?” Yes!!! I don’t know how many people have asked my this I hate it when people will check everything but their trigger

isnt that the same with any gun?

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