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Default Re: Hobbyhorse Presents: Official Launch & Thanksgiving Sale

Sale does not equal news, press release... maybe, we are working on defining the difference from news and corp spam for you guys due to recent incidents, please give us a little time to work out the details.

But to answer your Q...

Sales, changes in your store/site, if not spyder/Kingman related belong in this forum. If we keep doing this, it will increase the traffic flow in this forum which will make it just as noticable as in the news section.

News section- NEw marker, New Product, paintball TV show, Tourny series (national level...) New developments, major press release, mergers, and new designs etc.

Like I stated before these are subject to change as we are working on letting you guys know what should be placed where due to mass confusion recently.

I hope this helped.
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