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Default Ugggghhhhhhh!

Ok my Pilot ACS is driving me insane. It's problem after problem. I know i had a post asking the same question but i never got a straight answer. My gun is constantly double firing(like stuttering) and only one ball comes out. I've made sure the trigger isn't too close and I've lubed the oringsin the expansion chamber and fore grip and stuff. Am i supposed to lube the delrin bolt. Also I recently changed it to rear-cocking and i put i lock not on the screw to make sure the screw doesnt come loose and it looks like it might my rubbing against the inside of the bolt when i push in the cocking nob.Is it double firing simply because of the CO2(but it happens even when i don't shoot fast). PLEASE HELP! I haven't been able to use my gun for about 2 months now.

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