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Default Re: dives and getting places

Well, I look at it in two or three different ways. First of all, I always try to use the bunkers as cover, so I will zig zag and cut then move up if at all possible. If it's a long way to go - I go directly to it.

If it's a tall bunker to the left or right of me, I'll sort of slide with my hand in front and on my side, but not really full body contact with the ground but ONLY if it's hot (lots of fire happening.) Otherwise I just run to it.

If it's in front of me and at least my height (I'm short - 5' 6") I'll run to it while squatting, or rock star slide - badly. More than likely it'll be a baseball slide though. If it's shorter than me, I rockstar it - again, badly!

The snake, zipper, off-side dorito, castle or whatever is there, I look to see if there's a bunker somewhere near the end of whatever and I shoot for that bunker (see previous slides I use.) Then, I can just dive (superman) without much damage to myself or any of the standing structures.

I only run to the snake and superman IF there's no other way to do it and if the ground is sand. Soft sand. Loosely packed sand. The kind that protects all the jewels and stuff that may end up buried in it...Don't look for me to do that too often...
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