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Default Re: Total90Oliver Feedback

OK I did a trade with this kid, a Victor for a broken Xbox. I shipped the Victor first and promptly. he recieved it in like 2 or 3 days. then he all of a sudden wouldnt answer my pm's. 1 week later he said he brought the xbox to the post ofice and they made him come get it because of technical errors. so i was like ok what ever, just please ship it to me asap. and then 2 or 3 weeks later i still havn't recieved the xbox and i was getting pissed. so i left negative feedback and i reported this whole thing to a mod, which got him a short ban. then i still wasnt getting anything, so i searched for his phone number and called his parents, and then a few days later he ships it and a week after he ships its at my house. So after about a month i finally got the xbox. It was stuffed into a box without any packing materials except for a tiny piece of bubble wrap. i had included five dollars in the package for an extra controller which later he told me he sold to a friend, and he didnt return my $5. also the included controller was missing a knob. so i just bought a power cord and im waiting for it to arrive, the xbox is supposed to need a new HDD, so hopefully thats all it needs.

I would advise you to be skeptical on doing trades with him, and to save ALL pm's. i do not know if he is a reliable seller when dealing with cash. but i advise no trades.

hopefully this helps out with your decision to do business with him. anyone can pm me if they have questions on this transaction.

I can edit later with more info on the condition of the xbox.

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