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Default Re: Spimmy: Spyder or Timmy?

Originally Posted by canthelpitimaguy
I Think that it should be a spyder, becouse if you were to do a true ep convertion to a EM1 or a Primal (which are like half ep), then it is still a primal and EM1, it only has one little difference. Therefor, still a spyder (or Raven in the case of the Primal). The spimmy is still a spyder at heart, but it just works different.

So i go for Spyder, but if there was a Hybrid Thread that is what it would go under.
Well, since it's been brought back to life, here ya go. Primals and EM1's are not considered for the "Spyder/Clone of the month" for the sake of the contest simply for the fact that 1. the Raven isn't a spyder - it's another Kingman marker, and, 2. they both have a different operation than a standard blowback marker; therefore most noobs would see this as an advantage over a "spyder" and make the contest unfair. Spyder/clone is defined for the contest as "a marker that uses a blowback operation and may have modified parts, but still retains it's original operation."

Since the ONLY thing a spimmy has in common with a spyder anymore is the body and possibly the barrel, it is no longer a Spyder and goes under the "Non Spyder of the Month contest." However, we can argue all the way back to the beginnings of the Timmy, in that it began as a spyder, so should we make Timmies fall under the Spyder contest? I didn't think so.

Now, this is my last contest, so the new administrator of the contest can make that decision, but the current decision came from almost two years of voting, discussions and arguments.

/thread, rest in peace.
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