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Default New Xball bunkers

What do you guys think of the new Xball bunkers.
"2006 Xball Field
The 2006 XBall field is different from the previous version. If you play the PSP events next season, you should check the info below.
The PSP/XBall have modified the Division XBall and NXL fields.

The central X is a bit different.
no more tall temples but instead there're 4 new Medium X.
2 small Doritos replace 2 baby brick (small cubes).
And the most important, the Pillars (also called "trees") will be used on both Division and NXL field.
last but not least : those Pillars are different now : there're only 12 and they are 3.3ft wide and 5ft tall." -SupAir

Scroll down a little

Playing those mini back X's is going to be interesting.
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