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Default Re: What would you do....? A question of integrity

i'm with vike on this one.....i'll shoot the dude, and let the guy that yelled know that wasn't so cool, but i would not go 1 for 1, i would continue to play until i get hit.

it's really funny how some people react to this, i mean somebody yells at you that your going to get bunkered you do not shoot him first but you WAIT for the dude to bunker you? i mean c'mon WTF? and personally I don't believe anybody's going to do that.

and character? basing a persons character based on what he did in a paintball field is pretty judgemental. when your out there and your adrenaline is flowing, your instincts take over, you can't really stop and think about the morality of the issue at hand.
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