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Default Re: What would you do....? A question of integrity

Character? In this case, I don't think character has much to do with paintball anywhere outside of rec ball or woodsball. Like I said in my post above, when there is money on the line, or prizes, character is defined by the level of play and where a particular team is in the standings at that particular time of day. In my mind, when in Rome, do as the Romans...In rec, play honest because 9 times out of 10, they are just having fun and it's not that stressful of a situation. In tournament, play the way the tournament is played.

Ok, here's how I see it - character wise. Everyone is either saying blow the guy up, or take a 1 for 1. NEITHER is what I would consider totally "honest." You shot that guy out, and he left the field, right? That happened ONLY because someone told you. To be TOTALLY honest, you'd just surrender and let the guy have the points, no 1 for 1...(Note, I said not totally honest, not cheating. There's a difference in my mind!)

I've seen these so called "honest" ballers on forums like PBnation talk about being virtuous in character and then turn around and cuss the original poster out for being a noob. I've seen them speak volumes on the virtues of not wiping or playing on, them celebrate pro teams and players (like Lasoya and others) that do it constantly (and we've all seen it!) I've seen them RAIL on kids that are 10 years old who dare post a video (not just on pbnation either) and then talk about how could they are on the field. Character in paintball?

Total Character in paintball is pretty non-existant in tournament paintball in my opinion. It's reserved for those teams that never play further than the prelims and wonder why. It's great to be able to say that, but I think paintball has it's own brand of character and it's selective from day to day. It's great we have some many people who are honest here, but the honest people I've seen have only been about 85% honest, when it suits them. Personally, I feel my character is pretty decent. If I shoot a guy because someone told me he was coming, it's not my fault there's a jerk on the sideline (and he/she is one for saying that) that warned me. I just took advantage of the situation. I don't feel this is a character flaw. NOT talking to the person who shouted about it and gloating about your wonderful play is a flaw in character.

Character, to me, encompasses ALL aspects of life, not just pulling a 1 for 1 in a sport that a specific occurance came up. It includes honesty, sportsmanship, steadfastness, courage, etc...

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For those who tl;dr - I don't think this reveals a flaw in character.
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