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Default Re: Official Flame Therapy

Its so that people dont get banned for flaming retards like you and Berzerker.

God I am glad I found this thread and my fingers didnt get the best of me in my Fenix thread and the other OTM thread.

WHY DO PEOPLE CALL STUFF SNIPERS?! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PAINTBALL SNIPER! YOU CANNOT SNIPE! Jesus christ. The true snipers are the guys that lie there with ghuillie suits on, waiting for someone to come down the path that they are camped at (around 5-15 feet from the targeting area... not 4 yards) and shoot one ball to pick off one guy in a squad, of if he is single, that one guy.

Then when everyone is confused, he uses his radio to call in backup to his position, waits for his team mates, then fires when the enemy has turned their backs to him. (I know because I have played some pretty serious woodsball/scenario games)

Owning a 21" barrel does nothing but waste air. Its the most rediculous thing ever. The only other use I can think of for it is a post to put your goggles on at the end of the day when you set up camp.

(ahhh that felt so good to get out, I think this thread works)

armedfuture (3:14:56 AM): they get upset easy when you use big words like "rental" and "air"
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