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Default Re: What would you do....? A question of integrity

Interesting responses. Thanks for the input and keep it coming. I realize that coaching from the sidelines is legal in certain series and not in others, so some people might not have a problem with accepting coaching from the side. Having never played by those rules, I wouldnt be comfortable dishing out an elimination like that. If I didn't see him coming, its my own fault. Don't get me wrong... I would take the shot. It would be hard not to. Coaching or no coaching, I would rather shoot someone than get shot anyday! But I would give him the 1 for 1 for getting the drop on me (and I would try find the guy who coached from the sidelines and slap him around a little for good measure).

As far as the "if you think the other team isn't cheating, you're ignorant" thing goes... I dont really care what they're doing. I've watched people wipe off hits I scored on them, or just plain ignore a clear elimination (refs included). Doesn't change the fact that I'd rather play an honest game myself... even if that means going home early. If you have to cheat to be a serious baller, I dont want to be a serious baller. Just personal pref I guess.
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