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Default Re: What would you do....? A question of integrity

This is one of those hypothetical questions that you can't ever answer, because no one really knows what they would do in that particular situation. You would hope that you do the right thing, but you never know.

However, if I had the wherewithal to realize what was happening, I would probably shoot the incoming player, continue playing and then after the game ream the fellow out big time (if one of my teammates.) Of course, it depends on the situation. Is this a tournament or a rec game? I would hope I wouldn't do that in a rec game, but in a tournament where points matter, and if the ref didn't do anything about it, then I'd take the opportunity for the points. Cheating? I don't think so. It's not like I asked him to do it, fans are yelling things all the time anyway, and if the refs hear it and don't do anything about it, oh well! It's a very gray area in here...

The problem is, after a lifetime of playing team sports, like Barron said, you tend to ignore those not on the field, so I kinda doubt I would even hear them unless they were right next to me and shouting like crazy...
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