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Default What would you do....? A question of integrity

I was reading through another forum and stumbled across a debate that stemmed from a sticky situation during a game of speedball. The story was that a back player wasn't really paying attention and was nearly bunkered. An opposing player was running towards him, but someone from the sidelines yelled "Dude, you're about to get bunkered" and it gave the player just enough time to turn and fire. He shot out the guy who was coming in for the bunker move, and then he continued to play.

In the argument that stemmed from this little scenario, several people were using the the statement "what would you do?" to prove their point but no one has actually answered their own question. So now I would like to ask you all. Here we go... Imagine yourself as the back player. You're rocking the game and holding your opponents down. Then suddenly you hear one of your buddies (who should know better) yell from the sidelines that you're about to get capped. What would you do? (see poll above)
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