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Default Re: Action Picture Thread

Originally Posted by TheRedBarron
cut that feedneck....

And if you lower your tank on your shoulder slightly your hopper will not be above your head and it will allow you to tuck your front elbow in a little better. I'm gonna cut the neck when I get a chance, but the tank isn't gonna move. Its more comfortable for me to have the tank there. My front elbow sticking out doesn't make much difference because if they can hit that they can hit anything else pretty much.

Oh and get that knee off the ground it isnt helping you get a better profile. I'm in the proper stance for what I was doing. I was putting paint on the guy in my corner so my teammate on the other tapeline could bump up. If I had my knee up I'd be in a really uncomfortable position. The way I am I've got perfect control of my body and can move at any moment. About 20 seconds after this pic I bumped to the tape.

best form I have seen you have in a pic so far though. Its the best form in this thread, along with chubby.
When he uploads the rest of the pics I'll post more.
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