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Default Re: Kingman VS2

i will add a little extra to answer the two questions...

a giant leap forward because the body doens't have the regular Spyder look. everything looks like it was carved from the same piece of metal. with the new 3rd generation (3G) valve, it operates at a lower pressure. Kingman has said that LP was a "gimmick".

sure, it is held back by it's needed 2 spring blow back operation like a Spyder. and that it has 2 mods of fire. however, with the money that one will save on purchasing this marker versus a low grade Spyder and adding the LP "gimmick" parts, one can focus on an aftermarket board that will be tested shortly. and can get the proper air for use with this marker.

field striping between this model, and the VS3 are quick and simple. simply pull out the cocking knob will only release the bolt, allowing it to be pulled out. the bottom tube internals will not "spring out" like in other Spyders. this allows one that uses a straight shot squegee to push straight throgh from back to barrel. off field maintenace like the cupseal is very much more involved as compared to a standard Spyder.

the LED's are easy. there are 2, i think. green, red, and orange. depending on the combo of lit LED's, tells the user what mode it is in.

as for comparison, i will put it this way... despite the differences on internals and how the VS and ION fires, i think they are equal. the VS should be a consideration as it is a simple marker that is operated on springs.
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