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Default Re: i got a speedball question

Originally Posted by Hob Hayward
Is it ever acctually more useful to slide headfirst into a bunker? I've never done it personnaly only done feet first slides...
Most deff Hob..... Ever tried to make a move from the 30 to the 50 while catching fire from 2 of the other team back men.... Or moving from your primary bunker into the snake.... It is a vital part of a Mid or Front mans playing style.

What these other poster are neglecting to tell you is that when you superman..... Make sure your head is looking foward and palms are facing the sky... This way you are not landing blindly and your barrel doesnt burrow into the dirt stoping you half way to your bunker LOL....

Originally Posted by vwjimmy
Props to thechubbss12......
the appraisal pimp!!!! <- buy these headbands!
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