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Default Re: Extreme makeover paintball edition.

Here's my tutorial with the material I have at work!...

Check it out. Here's what we have at my work. There steel pipe/wire hanger's.

As you can see it's easily bendable. All bend's were done just by putting in a vice grip and doing it by hand. They already have a round bottom I just pinched it in the table vice to get the point I needed!

And here is the result. Give or take I haven't glued it in yet as I am going to paint it black but nonetheless it came out pretty good.

I used a 1/8 drill bit at first but it was too small so I went up to a 5/32. It's larger than the wire. The only problem I see is even with using good glue I'm going to bend the wire before sliding in a little in order to have some friction resistance along with the glue. Should work pretty good.


But your pump stroke has to at a perfect point of being able to pull it back with just a couple finger's but still have a spring return to push the pump back up on it' s own. I've almost got mine perfect just a few more problem's to work out. Heck right now I still can grab the chickun wing with my finger's and pump it back and forth (until I got the glue on my guide rod) which still help's when your trying to keep tight in a bunker or shoot off handed!

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