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Default Re: My 69 camaro pics **56k dont**

hmmm..lets see. I paid $2,500 for the paint job..around $1,000 for other parts (dash pad,chrome pieces under the doors, door panels, window felts, weather strips and a trunk mat..just to name a few of 'em,lol.) it was my moms first car, my grandpa paid $1,500 for it (got the saleman fired)..and when she went to college she gave it back to my grandparents, and they have had it ever since, it sat in storage for around 20 sum years, my grandpa took care of the car by starting it and letting it run every fee is $75 per can do the math..and they just recently gave it to me 2 years ago and ive been fixin it up since then..there is a guy that calls me about every other month asking if ill sell it, last offer was $35,000
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