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Default Re: Game Ideas?

I'm not sure the rules of the games you already play but at a field I use to go to we played a couple "Scenario" type games.

1. Secret Service. One person is chosen to be President, he does not get a gun. He then chooses his Secret Service detail. When we use to play usually there would be 20-25 people there so he got to choose 5-6 people. They are then allowed to go out on to the field and have 5 minutes to formulate a plan of action to get the President to safety. There would be an agreed upon safety point the President had to get to, usually the entrance/exit to the field. After 5 minutes the remaining players were released to the field to try to assassinate the President.

2. The Alamo - Same field. There was a "Fort" in the middle of the field, fairly big. They would split up the teams and one team would go into the fort. The team that was in the fort could not leave. The opposing team then had to try to take over the fort.

3. Doubles - We would pair up. Each team was give a different color flag. Everybody went out onto the field and found a starting place. Object was you tried to take out a team. If you did you then had to get to where they were and take their flag. If you take someone out and another team beats you to the flag its theirs, so once a team is out the flag is up for grabs. The team that gets all the flags or the team with the most flags after 15 minutes wins. Say both you and your teammate are taken out but nobody comes and gets your flag, if the ref yells "Wounded, Still Alive" (something like that). You got to start playing again.

Couple ideas, if I remember anymore I'll let you know.
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