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Default Re: Dm5'd viking.....Lots of pics(56k grab some popcorn for the wait)

After about 45 min of messing around with the diamond tip ball thingy.

After running all the wires the frame was mounted.

Grips on:

A very short movie just to show that it works, when the red light blinks it means the trigger was pulled. Your speakers are not messed up there is no sound.

My new might max volumizer(sp?) came in yesterday. I really got it just to balance the front so the SCM LPR isn't all alone.

The viking feels so much better now. Its more balanced b/c the frame is more forwaed about a 1/2 inch. I don't really care for the trigger shape, which was one reason i got the UL frame for my dm5, so i am either going to get a CP or try and find a techna, even though very few are out there. Furtue mods include body milling and anno. I might even wire it up to use a dm board.

The pictures make it look easy but please don't try something like this if you don't know what your doing. I don't want to be the reason behind you messing up a $100 frame.

As i was working i found my spyder se in the gun case outside and remembered that spyders use it come with a m-16 style grip. So i opened the grips up and found the find of the day.

my 45* spyder grip will fit on the phantom!!!! It feels alot better now.

The red dot is on there just for testing, its hard to aim in the exact spot after pumping without it.

Back to gun whoring.....

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